everyday can be an opportunity..

A little thing I have noticed is that when we had to get up for school it was an effort, when we get up for Everyone Out it is an effort, even though we really like it, yet when we get up at home on the whole Helena bounds out of bed whether I am up or not. If I am getting up she usually wakes up and bounces out of bed. Sometimes her bounding happens before any alarm I have set goes off, before the school or work alarms. Sometimes I get up and she is already busy, breakfasted, reading or some such. I have heard other people speak of this phenomenon of their children getting up fuss free and earlier in the weekend as well.

It’s the weekend today and she got up because I did but she has already seized the day and done some Saturday science…

We do do school every day, or is it that Helena does what she does and I schoolersize it by ticking off curriculum objectives every day I see stuff. We are about to do art and I will tick it off…. take some photos, write a learning story maybe or maybe not, do some retrospective planning. If only schools could work this way it’s so much more democratic or do I think that because I often have Rage Against the Machine singing Killing in the Name in my head and today it’s while the radio talks about Afghanistan.

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