Doing something wrong

Yesterday I was annoyed by a child that was exhibiting all the characteristics I think are important; creative, independent of body and thought, acting on their desires, go getting it, trying to make things actually happen, questioning authority, reasoning, and negotiation, but what did I do? I resorted to being ‘the authority.’ I said “no”…….

2019 the report

School is over for the year… Here is Helena 3 months later reading her report… being reflective.


So I don’t rush over to Helena when she cries out for help…. often I am busy but I also think the pause gives her time to give it a go. The other day I apologised as her tone implied she may have actually needed me.. “it’s ok mum if you did I wouldn’t learn…

THE swimming lessons

So for Helena’s birthday I gave her swimming lessons. They were for 20 mins a day for two weeks. I was nervous as I didn’t feel she was the ‘good beginner’ that I signed her up for – the head under the water thing was still somewhat daunting for her. The first lesson she cried……