Lockdown again

but yet scarily like our every day life..

There are the weird nature related tasks – making wands with flowers from the garden…

The slightly less weird but unpredictable – this time mating snails…

The eating in odd locations…

Followed by some schoolish activities, not assigned by me but some of those activity styley maths books… before writing her novel (it’s about rats..). The novel writing was so she could give herself a tick on her Monday meeting list of things she’d like to do this week..

Some exercise was done – a kind of jump jam/ fitness obstacle course around the house while counting- possibly there was a self assigned number of repetitions followed by learning nursery rhymes (WEIRD)…

Today we are on to genetics- the variety of daffodils we saw on our constitutional.

l have finished my teacher re-education course and feel a bit like a cat … well how a cat looks, kinda lazy, like rolling over and stretching followed by some sitting and thinking before choosing what I feel like doing… feeling like doing, NOT having to do but just feel like doing. Maybe I’ll write a list… the day has so much promise.

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