Wasting time

Concentration, single mindedness, dedication and creativity… this was some of the qualities my darling showed today.

There was a hiccup in the middle when I had a small tantrum about finding the lounge floor once again completely covered in stuff but after mutrual rants she came up with a clever compromise to work in her tent as it would contain the mess and that mess also wouldn’t be in the way or even be visible. Helena has a problem when something happens to change the way she thinks things will happen, when the idea in her head has to change but this time she came up with an even better idea.

There are many scenes – snowman, castle, animals, food, flowers etc. She has such good cutting skills.

The idea started with a tin and it’s lid and a big green bit of felt. We had to make a wee movie to wish her Nana a happy birthday so she came up with the idea of a felt bud dancing toward the sun and bursting open and those were the first things she cut sowing the seed for the rest of the days intense cutting.

She is unlikely to use the sets… I see them hanging out in the tin until it goes missing or gets used for the next project. The fun is in the thinking and the making (the bit that takes a whole day) NOT the goal – the goal/finished project is not the goal? I didn’t do anything so constructive.

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