$2.99 beads

Children have creativity in spades. When I was pestered to purchase a tower of plastic containers with beads all I saw were a few necklaces. On the way home Helena talked about necklaces while making music with them.

So far the beads have had to have buddies, are babies, have a slide, a stage and another stage ground. Oh and they’ve been in a house rattle.

There has been a lot of sorting and discussions about how you’d get from one to another, the nature of their connection. Why they were buddies…

The bead slide..


The house rattle. “Look mummy I ripped small bits to tape together and taped it on my house. It’s the door”



“Mummy how do you get from this one to this one?” “Red goes well with pink, there is red in purple, and blue goes with purple”

These are stage grounds…

No necklaces yet but it’s still less than 24 hours.

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