teachers strike

Just this teachers strike…

It turns out breaking one’s wrist is not just inconvenient, it’s not overly painful, but sleep is hard and I now have to have an operation. I hate anaesthetic- well my guts do and it takes them months to get over themselves. So I’m on strike, well I’m not doing my job… I’m not sick just grumpy. I think I’ll read some holiday style novel. I can’t even be bothered to get my darling to value contributing or some such.

I am getting a surprise, though if I can work it out is it a surprise? The idea of the mess is making me tense. “I hope you like the surprise or it’ll be all this energy wasted”…..


I was supposed to be doing a first aid course today and I was looking forward to it. Did you know one armed people can’t do first aid? The guy asked me if I could do a bandage with one arm? I bet I could if my kid was bleeding. Then some woman walked past us today in the street and said to her friend “poor lady” meaning me. I  can hear! I am learning new stuff. This is a learning experience for me, perhaps it’s to flex my indignation muscles, or my empathy system.

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