Providing learning experiences..

Today I excelled….

Monday we went to a talk about this couch.20190618_120210.jpgMade by a group of community volunteers to commemorate the reopening of the Days Bay track that was wiped out by a big slip, it even took out the phone lines while my father was on the phone. It took years and a lot of effort to get the council to reinstate the track. It’s useful and well used.. So today, Tuesday, we visited it with a new respect for it’s design, the hard work involved, and with the knowledge there was an actual couch under it all. Of course there was also the view. We were there to take rubbings but it didn’t work. The only one that resembled its original was the one of the hills.


We watched the planes come in, a seal, a swimmer, then the kids played in the bush.

We had a lovely walk along the sea front, I was thinking about how I was living the best life.


Then the kids both had a fall on that green slippery algae. I got them dressed and tried to deal with blood and tears. I had a distracting mandarin until it rolled away and then it was my turn to slip on the algae.


Then I provided crisis management with total calm, though Helena was howling I’m not sure her friend realised totally what was happening. I called an ambulance, my dad, her friends mum. Then in hospital I provided Helena with what I thought would be an excellent spectator sport…. I got a line in, Helena’s actually the expert here. Then they had to put me under, not anaesthetic though, and I was asleep- after some er interference with my treatment that I don’t remember. I had my wrist pulled then a cast put on. I don’t remember pushing on it, my people told me I did, but when I came to (that I remember) it was with a feeling of having had a doze in the sun! Helena watched them put the cast on but she also finished her book… and here was me providing Quality learning experiences.

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