“promoting inclusive practices to support the needs and abilities of all learners.”

As in “I will work in the best interests of learners by:” This is one of the things I have to do it’s in OUR CODE. I am refreshing my teaching qualification. It’s free because teaching is a mugs game.

  • There are 4 values
  • 17 Commitments
  • And 6 Standards.

And I have to assess my self on the standards. Above is the code, and a hopefully relevant standard says: Design for Learning: Design learning based on curriculum and pedagogical knowledge, assessment information and an understanding of each learner’s strengths, interests, needs, identities, languages and culture. So here goes:

Bearing in mind that I think learning should be child directed… so I’m providing the environment and words, feedback, conversation, assistance; I  probably should learn some eduspeak for that. The learning design has, for me, to be the opportunity provided.

We went to the library, by bike so that’s over an hour there and over an hour back. It was negotiating the way. Trying to do and doing wheelies, Helena’s friend is fast, confident and adventurous on his borrowed bike yet still would bike with her. Setting ourselves goals when we were tired.


Because the trip took so long and some num nut ie. Me didn’t take the lunch the library part ended up having to be shorter than I was hoping for.

They both love libraries. Though it was the toddler pit that took their fancy this time. Creating an opportunity for working together, before negotiating their separate projects, with the big blocks. This took most of the time.

Helena wanted book two in the dark materials trilogy so she had to look the title of the one we had up in the computer to find the author, then type in the author to find the next book in the series. (I genuinely couldn’t remember).


Just as well as the book turned out to be in the young adults section.

Her friend who isn’t reading text yet found himself a book, and got it out himself, working the annoying (to me who prefers people) machines fast and making it all in pirate.


They both have books out for me to read to them. SUCCESS. They chose them. They used the text on the machine. The curriculum says: Level one. Students will: aquire and begin to use sources of information, processes and strategies to identify form and express ideas (INDICATORS – selects and reads texts for enjoyment and personal fulfillment). Or Recognise that texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences (INDICATORS – identify the purposes of simple texts).

The kids were also relatively independent. One can ‘read’ and one is better on a bike than me… both learners had success and ways of being the one who knows. Now I have books to read..

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