Mother’s day 2019

Pre event:


Such a big event has to be planned for… so a week in advance this list was written. I’m not allowed to take a photo of the filled in sheet until after. I’m looking forward to the sipriss (even predictive text knew that was surprises).

Next she had to enlist others as she had to convert a voucher she’d been given as a present into cash (thanks granddad). Helena went supermarket shopping by herself with a little kid trolley (while my Dad and I had total control of pushing our weekly shopping trolley). Helena was looking at the prices, making decisions, and she went to the check out all by herself. She did hand over all her money rather than count it out though.

Helena did a lot of nagging over the week about cake making, more specifically the opening of the coconut and then we nearly forgot on the day!

The day before Mother’s day there were a few tears as I said no to lunch at a cafe so I was informed that I wouldn’t be getting any gifts and my socks would be given away. I was also told that gift giving is conditional.

The event: today, the actual day went fine.


I got a cooked breakfast- she had help. Presents were given (she changed the container of corks for resealable bottles) and we agreed a book voucher is an awesome thing but I can get my own, there were no gift baskets at the supermarket… I was trying to find a way to get her focusing less on gifts and more on what we like doing together but I do like my socks. The ideas for what we should do were excellent. We did go to the art gallery and walked home in the pouring rain via the beach (only us on the beach).


My pictures which were made earlier this week.

Maybe Mother’s day was like a mini project? There was a brain storm of sorts, there was research, some work on presentation and lots of sub tasks to complete. It bodes well… she was organized, she actioned elements of her list at several different points during the week, (there were moments when I prompted her, just to avoid any disappointment) and she divided tasks into parts. I think Helena likes to write lists, maybe lists are a natural thing to start writing – as compared to ‘what you did in the weekend’.

Post event: I asked her how she thought it went and she just wanted to know if I had a good time so I guess she got the point of mother’s day.  She also said “I wish you had a mother’s week not a day”. hmmm

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