Lolly maths

I hate lollies, not so much them but the whole performance. The asking, begging, deciding what to have (at our old dairy it was mostly OK as Jitish would tease the kids and get them to work out what they could get, he seemed to get the whole process) then there is the weight on the mind the lollies have when they are brought, then the sharing them out according to bizarre rules, the conversations about when and what to eat…. she will ask my permission which always ends with me suggesting that she should eat the whole jolly lot now so that I don’t have to be involved.

We happened to pass the dairy on pocket money day and she had a dollar left after buying the food for the Natureland goats. It is her money. Oh the deliberation on the best way to spend that dollar, argh…


These were the result…. but it was OK. She was motivated to work out how many lollies she got for her dollar. It went like this: 15 in each packet and 7 packets. 7 lots of 10 is 70. 5 lots of 7… well 10 lots of 7 is 70 so half of that, well half of 60 is 30 plus 5 so over 100, something like that – with a bit of help.


Then a bit of pattern making, they are stuck together with spit… they got pulled apart then remade in increasingly complicated patterns. Each one held up to be inspected. Then she decided to cut them into pieces to make sprinkles for the mother’s day cake…


Until the innovation with crushing them with a spoon -faster and fewer bits flying about.

AND Everytime she got a packet out she gave me one.

Lots of learning, thanks lollies.


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