Enid, mostly Enid, has all her attention now…

And this is her checking on the rice…


It was such a hard thing letting her do it herself, she took so long to start… then wham at the beginning of this year (only 4 months ago) she was reading but in a labored way and reading readers and now suddenly, magically (but without magic) she devours chapter books and quickly. I have seen this happen before but I had to exercise the skeptics hardest muscle and have faith!! There was no teaching her the shape of the word, no worksheets, NOTHING.

Now I just have to deal with the making sure she doesn’t have her book with her when I, or someone else, may need her attention. I have to learn ways to deal with getting her to come to dinner, or anytime I want/need her to stop reading… there have been some big upsets already and fallout from her body after all day spent reading.

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