“The road of life…”

Initially this was just a road for a remote controlled car, actually the ramp was made first which led to the road being made. They called it “the track of life” which led on to more ideas and more building…


This became one of life’s “challenges”.


This is an “obstacle”.


A hard bit…


This is on one side of the road as “life is unfair”.


This is a roundabout, a feature of roads or is it a metaphor for life, loss of direction, feeling like one is going around in circles?

And this is how the track of life is done, with a good friend by your side.

These two have known each other for years and seen a lot of each other. When they were nearly 5 they decided they would get married which was kind of cute and then it was amazing. When they had a fight, and they can really fight as neither of them bottles stuff up or gives an inch, one will say to the other “but we’ll still get married ay?”  and the other always says “Yes” and the argument is done and dusted and they’ve made up in one sentence. Brilliant. There is the odd impediment as after Helena heard our student from Hong Kong talking to us she told her future husband they should start saving for a house now and he informed her he actually wanted an F16 as well..

This particular project was done after they hadn’t seen each other for a few months as we live in different towns. I had no idea that they had these sort of ideas about what life is like and this was so the project of both of them working together, the two brains and so much wisdom.

Then the car didn’t work, it had to be driven backwards, and the road was pulled apart and a house and garage were made cooperatively and without rancor.

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