Helena led trips..

When Helena chooses a trip they tend to be revisiting something she liked before. Helena use to love Capital E which is mainly for preschoolers so runs more or less school hours. I think it is occasionally a bit twee. This time we had to go in a weekend…


So there were even more than usual  kids to watch, to see what they were doing, how they behaved, especially the little kids. The set up didn’t seem to interest her. We went into the toy house but the knitted food was more interesting… The last few times it has been the structured craft activities that interested her and who wouldn’t like

20190427_141015this… the well stocked craft trolley.  But this time she didn’t do the official craft. I had been dissing the whole autumn leaf thing in Wellington, home of the native non deciduous tree but I don’t think that was it…

maybe she’s just older, more confident. I liked the results. I wonder if she will want to go again, possibly just for the colored popsicle sticks and eye stickers I don’t provide.

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