Revisiting old things

20190107_164109One of the joys of homeschooling is that everything is there to be revisited, the topic isn’t “finished” we aren’t doing just space this term we’re still doing whatever, the art stuff isn’t in the store room, and time is flexible. Today Helena was making thank you cards, a task she willingly does and feels the need to do but there were a lot so I suggested to her delight melting wax using the electric frypan. A science/art experiment started at playcentre 3 years ago. The product is mostly bright and beautiful (and here I do care about product, in that she has to have something to actually send).



This is Helena’s melted crayon picture of a cell, and up pops all those body books we read over the year…


Signing  manu..

I decided new year, new kupu to learn so washed the old vocab off the window. We had got out another book from the awesome The Writing Bug series by Sharon Holt. This sparked Helena to want to re listen/watch the videos of some of the books with the sign language interpreter.

There is a theory that learning is like a spiral, you go round past revisiting what you have learnt and adding new bits. It seems to work… like the time before Helena could scooter then we went away from the scooter and when we came back she could just ride it, despite no practice!

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