Report writing

It’s the end of the year…..

Me “so Helena what have you learned this year?”

Helena “nothing”

“Oh”… so I go find evidence, our journal, our folder, things she’s written and she (with the odd prod) comes up with:


★ I’ve learnt some words off by heart
★ I am thinking about blends
★ I don’t mind doing capital and little letters
★ I am still constantly writing ‘I love you’
★ I am writing poetry, mostly I like my poems
★ I like the way I put words, it shines in my mind
★ I am choosing the words I use and write carefully and with purpose
★ I write things that sound like a song or poem (poetical language)
★ I want to be a poem and story writer



★ I can read Madeline over and over again, off by heart and all on my own
★ I am doing great sounding out
★ I know the blends that end with H
★ I break words into blends and little words that I know
★ I like reading, some words are weird..
★ I am willing to give it ago
★ I am setting my self goals
★ I know lots of different words
★ I use lots of different words
★ I can talk about books – the characters, setting, ideas, themes, kind of story (fairy etc)


★ I have made new friends
★ I can show kindness to make my friends

★ I talk to my friends and I listen to them too
★ I can concentrate with my reading and writing and quite a bit about drawing
★ I can be tactful
★ I have shown determination and bravery
★ I am considerate and helpful for Mummy and Beanpa/Granddad



★ I want to be an inventor
★ I have lots of ideas and won’t run out ever!
★ I don’t make as many mistakes and I don’t cry over the ones I make because they are only tiny ones you don’t have to cry over
★ I am proud of some of the stuff I do, for example the portrait of Tina (cat)
★ I love blowy art and FIMO
★ I wrote a making book
★ I am still learning to sew


★ I like science and experiments, animals and making (I want to be an inventor)
★ I can ask myself questions, make a theory, design an experiment and find out
★ I tested one variable



★ I liked that there are fun nature things to do
★ I persevered to do all the tasks
★ I won a T-shirt competition with my happy fish on it
★ I was proud and pleased that people liked happy fish design bags and wraps


★ I learnt lots of pluses off by heart (basic facts)
★ I have been playing with symmetry
★ I can tell the time on an analogue clock most of the time
★ I can count to 600 and over
★ I can count backwards
★ I can skip count in 5s and 10s

★ I know even and odd numbers
★ I can divide a little
★ I can use an abacus
★ I can measure using a ruler but need to do more
★ I can use fractions (read them, add them, work them out)
★ I can use money
★ I can use my ledger
★ I think numbers are confusing sometimes

★ I know more facts about things
★ I can argue with my Mum and win

I like home schooling because I don’t don’t have to go to school every day instead I get to play at home, read, garden and sleep in. I’ve enjoyed this year because there has been lots of tramping, camping, biking and making. I like going to the library and choosing books. Playing with my friends is also one of my favorite things to do.
I want to home school next year.


She chose the colours to print out her “report” and did the headings. I was only able to interest her in the report as she knows school friends get them and I may have told her we HAD to…. I do think it is important to take stock, to actually assess what you have done and what you can do and what you still need to do. It’s not how I imagined it would be, maybe because I was there and know what she hasn’t mentioned (like THE famous five who sponsored her literacy), maybe we are already on holiday in our minds. Ah well a bit of good old metacognition, well a start.. it’s got to be good for you.

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