Favorite video…better than David Attenborough


This is Helena’s favourite DVD.

She is having another age rather than get more chapters of famous 5.

I never watched it, you get given it by plunket? when you have a baby, but once Helena found it… I’ve possibly watched it more than our David Attenborough. Helena gets excited every time she sees it at a charity shop – that other people have it and therefore have watched it with the same joy as her.

Another movie she’s loved is Babies which has no dialogue just follows 4 babies from 4 different cultures around. She also liked the Dr Winston Human Body episodes where a baby was born and when the baby was discussed. Hopefully we’ll find them some day at a charity shop.

Every time we go to the toy library we come home with a baby. Going to playcentre and being the eldest by years is fine with Helena as she likes playing with little kids. She talks to them… Today in the bath we were talking about what if we swooped brains, so Helena extrapolated from this that she would have an adults body and could therefore have a baby. We talked about how there are adults who have a brain like a nearly 7 year old and how it was culturally acceptable to sterilise these people. Challenging thought. Helena thinks she could look after a child if they weren’t a new born and if they could hold their head up… I dunno. I wonder if she’d like babies as much if she had a younger sibling.

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