Long term projects…

I hate them…

Well not all of them, and it’s more the deciding which are the ones to follow through with. We are doing the KCC 30 challenges. KCC is the Kids Conservation Club and the challenges are due to it being the 30th anniversary of Forest and Bird. The challenge in question is the Fundraising for Nature…. Helena’s thing is plastic, especially as it ends up in the sea. So we had the idea of making reusable bags from pillowcases (thanks Kaylene) and beeswax wraps instead of single use bags and glad wrap. Excellent.

Helena lasted through the first bag, made lots of bias binding, painted some of the beeswax wraps and did just about all the screen printing (with her happy fish design she won a competition with). I did the rest, which was many hours of sewing. I brought fabric and tried to keep the momentum going- mostly it hung over my head jeering at me. I made? her make a book of the whole process -a making book.



Finally we get to the Forest and Bird meeting where we are selling our wares – more of a thing for me than her I suspect, she was worrying about what the toy sheep was wearing (“in a game” with a friend). We made $113, and there is only one wrap and 4 bags left.

What I am hoping she gets out of this is some kind of idea of long term goals and plugging away at stuff to get success, but quite possibly at the end it was my project? All I hope is the organisation we send the money to writes that lesser known thing called a thank you note.


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