the card industry… (26.10.18)

Someone else’s ideas

We got some paint colour samples on those little cards and I made the comment that Helena “better DO something with them”… a friend of mine said she used them to make cards.

Helena leapt on this idea.


These are all for sale…  I can get them for a special discount (the Mum discount) so some are 2$ off and some half price, but the one that was 10c would have to stay 10c that being the least one could pay for anything – tis true!


That is my special price list with a little image to identify each.. (Helena likes to make grids like these – things to draw, bingo boards etc…I’m thinking her own ideas re multiplication, division? She asked if there was an even “round” number of cards before she drew this).

Helena had the idea of taking a little table outside on the street and selling them there. Incourage/discourage? I so don’t want to interfere but the idea of others being awful to her… I think I just forgot that people are generally nice to children so I suggested they needed to be on card? Maybe a little more? A background?


She got all excited and added stuff..

Freckles, words, glasses and they were excellent and then they had to be sorted and suddenly they were for people – “I so wanted to give one to Siobhan, then I should give one to Nick. I want to give one to Oliver”. One is a thank you note to Caren for the idea… I did end up buying one because I was sending a letter. I guess the trick is to find something people want which is good quality… at the right price. The entrepreneurial streak isn’t from me!


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