Thanks Mr Pound (21.10.18)

We visited the Wellington City Art Gallery and saw Patrick Pound’s On Reflection. Helena’s first response was “this is boring” I think brought on by thinking about the cafe later on and knowing about the drawing station that she has always liked visiting…. after a few drawings approach number two, this time maybe she was stuck by the symmetry she so loves, but probably by the detective hunt – a thing for children getting them to really look and once she was looking then finding it was all exciting, working out the groupings and why. This was five days ago…..

Today she did this:


All the photos, of her, are grouped in piles with labels, ‘with students’, ‘eating’, ‘special’ etc… this was started early one morning despite having a friend over and finished very late that night as she just couldn’t sleep.

I remember laughing to myself in the gallery thinking about the artists filling -under shadows or doors etc and commenting at all the bad photos now getting viewed rather than residing in a tip someplace. I don’t think Helena thought any of the photos were bad! We did talk about the filing.

What a thing to get out of an art gallery, filing?

“What exhibition? Yeah I quite liked it”

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