Nana’s steps


Helena and I have been meaning to “do” Nana’s steps for years… years!

We did (painted a white line on the edge) our neighbor’s steps years ago having walked down her many steps in the dark and been a little afraid of missing a step, particularly scary if you are little. I think of us as having the role of being the Health and Safety officers – this is in jest as I am able to not even think of safety when its probably something I should think of, and yet I can imagine some very odd scenarios to worry about that are improbable to impossible… so it is rare I get it right. Helena agreed with me. She held on to this idea and when we house sat for Nana reminded me.


Anything to learn from this; plenty.

Thinking about the importance of safety, looking after others safety – empathy to others

Projects do get done eventually when all the cards/weather is played right.

We look after our people, can do community service and help with no expectation of return, help because we can… and conversely that if we help others they will help us – the what goes around comes around idea (which I don’t believe works for some politicians/supreme court judges…)

Nana has 55 steps on her part of the path, this took several goes at counting. Me asking “am I half way yet” and a pretend moan led to more counting… followed by wondering if “please say I’m at least a third” which was somewhat harder, then we lit upon 5ths. Easy, especially as it took us a couple of 5ths to work this out.


Caring about detail

And ‘wo ho’ me actually imparting some spelling rules?? I was told this rule by some other teacher and can not assess its validity but it does seem to help others maybe? – I can only see exceptions. “If the vowel says it’s name you put an E on the end of the word”…. better than my practice of “if in doubt bang an E on the end!” anyway Helena repeated this back to me unsolicited and it helped her. I have never sat down and said we are doing spelling just mentioned various tips when she asked me how to write things, I was open about it being something I was told… and there it is months later coming out of her mouth/brain where I had no idea it had even passed though let alone lodged there for later on. What else have I said?


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