What we ended up learning in our isolated spot was what our isolated ancestors would have known and always factored into their lives. Life without a supermarket/dairy etc. down the road… There were no roads, it was a days walk to get out and the only fast way in was by boat and it turned out the only boat that could deliver to us was out of the water. I had planned our food for two weeks away but when there is the possibility of deliveries you do plan less accurately, and it turned out H was in one of her hollow legs phases.

In another life, when I was young, I did a tramp called the Chilkoot trail and it crossed the Canadian border where there were the remains of boats at the top of a pass where the Canadian authorities demanded the gold rush miners had a boat and a substantial supply of food. This food was usually flour. I have a new understanding of that.

So after finding we were unable to get supplies we laid out all our food, (I just loved having the use of sooo many tables).

Those are piles of things being sorted by H. Her system was: scarce resources, will perish, snacking/emergency, and common.

She then moved stuff from this table to one with itemised days on it.

After this process H was totally invested in what we ate and making sure that we didn’t eat the next days resources.

We talked about: how we had eaten all the things that needed refrigeration (only 5 hours of power a day and not enough in the fridge to keep it cold, how some of the vegetables lasted better than others, how what was left was basically stew ingredients and how stews were often made to last more than one day. All good learning.

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