it’s not fair

We have been back home from work in Wellington for 2 days. So far every morning Helena bounces out of bed and goes off to do one of her weird and wonderful tasks… In fact the moment we walked in the door off the bus she was making flour and water glue to start doing some more on her paper-machie farm.

Right now she is making houses for her new plastic Easter tat chickens. Yesterday she was weeding and watering both her gardens and is going to sell some of her excess! What have I done? unpacking and now I am at a loss…. I have jobs to do but a sudden lack of get up and go, an over dose of “what’s the point” and not feeling like it. I feel the lack of structure in our lives. I am putting my hands up in the air and surrendering. I so wish I had her drive, her ideas, her get up and go…. H is so totally able to think of things to do, she fills in time happily, she doesn’t need a push.

I’m going to go write a list….

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