Today Helena caught the bus into town by herself and brought some tissue paper, took her books back and went to her book club ALL BY HERSELF…. all by herself.

We have done a little work to get here.. we use to catch the bus at the same time and pretend we weren’t together. We watched that show “old enough” where teeny tiny Japanese preschoolers go on errands to buy stuff. Then on our last trip to Wellington she got to go on the bus with just a friend, and she got to go to the park just with a friend on several occasions and different friends. I am so pleased to have friends who give their kids this independence. Helena came back thinking independence is totally normal. How sad for that woman, and her child, in the US who got persecuted for letting her child take public transport alone.

When I met H at the library, 20 minutes late because I got the time wrong!, she was pretty happy and talked me about it, including that her tummy had been uncomfortable on the bus and while buying tissue paper but not in the library or waiting for me as she was confident I was just late. It was lovely filling each in on our independent activities.

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