an unintentional unit…

Healthy eating!!

The idea of being a teacher in a classroom teaching a unit on healthy eating fills me with dread. However Helena has chosen to do things related to healthy eating for nearly a whole term now. She initiated it.. so weird. All I did was talk about when we cook dinner we need to ensure there are lots of veges and I talked about some Government advice about eating 5+ a day.

H has made us journals/workbooks to record what we eat to make sure we eat 5+ a day… I haven’t seen them as they are a surprise and they aren’t finished. (A week later and we have started them) Today I had to print out vege jokes and find a website with vege facts.

I also printed out some lesson plans they had on the 5+ a day site, a Worksheet!! She wanted to do it… she made me read out the statement 3 times because that’s what the lesson plan asked for. Each picture she drew had a rat in it. I don’t know if that would have been acceptable at school. I also waited until she finished before saying the next statement. I also let her use colour and not do all the words.

I have encouraged all this, printing out recipies, information from websites.. I’ve even sent away for stuff but H is still in the driver’s seat, she is the one who maintains the momentum, she is the one who thinks it’s important.

I guess this unit would fall in the Health and Physical Education area of the curriculum. Is H interested because she cooks for us, power over the information so I don’t have all the power over what she eats and when?

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