being the boss

Helena catered for a tea party in the weekend… a full on tea party for 4. There were choices – popcorn, pikelets, chocolate cake and hokey pokey biscuits washed down with lashings of homemade lemonade.

I did nothing to help, I’m not even sure that we even had a conversation about it, – permission or some such. I think I was just told they were having a teaparty. I like that she feels free to do such things. I know that we have had a discussion about being more likely to be allowed to cook if others don’t have to tidy your mess, and we have had discussions on timing- related to healthy dinner eating!!

I did volunteer to tidy up some of the mess to give her time to actually have the tea party… and for her cooperation in writing this! Ha ha.

Her recount of doing this told me nothing more than she thought it was nothing! “Well me and I (our neighbor) decided to have a tea party so we looked up some recipes of some food we wanted to make”.

I feel I should point out her helpers, our neighbors are 7 and 4. Helena was definitely the boss. I did hear her tell the 4 year old “with cooking you have to concentrate” (excuse me! thems my words to my bouncy distracted Sue chef, I call her Sue when we cook together). H ended up making the 4 year old go home due to his attempts to play fight in our wee kitchen near the hot stove…

These are some of the things H thought not worthy of mentioning

  • Reading and following intstructions in order
  • Checking we had the ingredients before starting
  • Halving measurements
  • Use of the oven and stove top
  • Finding what she needed
  • Finding ways to get the other two to help
  • Managing two other children wanting turns
  • Solving the problem of a not totally interested 4 year old with out upsetting him
  • motivating her 7 year old friend (the cooking episode lasted over an hour)
  • Using our blender (my father needs help with this)
  • Doing several things at once to maximize her time usage, while the hokey pokey mixture cooled they made pikelets etc.
  • Stirring, mixing, whisking etc..

H was confident, assertive and even better kind and good at creating a team. Woohoo

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