first day back in homeschool land

We’ve been away on and off for nearly 2 months and just had over four weeks in the big smoke. Helena has been itching to get back home, mostly to see her “babies” (the rats), and has been doing lots of complaining that I drag her here, there and everywhere and she never, ever gets to be at home. ..

Today is our first day back during the official school term and our first day at home.

and what does she do?

…..wash all her Silvanians of course – there are some new ones!

The Sylvanians get new pool related pipe cleaner gear…

.. until she moved the swimming/washing stuff outside..

“don’t they look nice mum”. There was lots of other chatter going on. They new ones are Mindy who is 4, 2 unnamed adults – he’s 50, she’s 41…, twins Nicholas and Georgia who are 11.

“I even got the stain out.”

We also went to the library of course….

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  1. rednicnz says:

    Perhaps Sarah and Russell for the new ones…? I’d like to be 41 again!


  2. My youngest always takes baths with hers! And she’s named everyone as well 😂


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