Little bits of work

This project has been going on for months and months.. ever since the Dr told H to stop using soap and washing her wrists due to eczema. Of course H sees all the instructions to wash so she was given a special cream to use and has been so very good about it (probably because the Dr said).

Some how H discovered that this new cream could dry out and make flakes that she could use, it must have dried on one of the lids as they keep appearing covered in the moisturiser.

I guess every time she goes into the bathroom she checks to see if anything had dried up so she can reset her drying plates.

I think she may have finished as the lids no longer have anything on them and there is this:

It’s her special soap that isn’t actually a soap…

What dedication to a task! Chipping away a little bit at a time and all on her own say so, I have never mentioned or reminded her in anyway. I’ll call it being purposeful, or perseverance maybe, any way you look at it those qualities bode well for her future long term projects.

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