our timetable

Monday: we have a meeting to talk about last week- I record what we did, Helena writes down what she wants to do in the week. This often ends with us being sidetracked to some random project.

We pick up other kids from care and school and the big kids go to circus class and the 4 year old and I catch a bus to their house and we all have dinner at theirs – framily (friends who are like family).

Tuesday: we have another child, same age as Helena and they mostly follow their own plan, sometimes I give them something to do…

dressing up

My cousin comes to dinner.

this week we got a show..

Wednesday: we meet up with another couple of homeschooling families.

Helena setting her friends homework

I have my Ukelele night class. “I can see why you like it”

Thursday: we go to our local community gardens and garden with people most of which have Gold cards (over 65, which suddenly sounds young).

A fairy house?

We, H, Dad and I, watch a Ted talk and discuss it over dinner.

Friday: a free day, I am supposed to add in some new input.

This time negative numbers – related to the homework she set her friends

Helena makes dinner, I tidy and we watch a movie.

Our dinner
Rat dinner

Saturday and Sunday: depends…

H in a wet suit, making stuff with Meccano and talking a story

The weekend often involves H playing with our neighbors, 7 and 4. I always have jobs: building, painting, washing, cleaning…. we plan to go to Natureland this weekend.

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