Everything is a character.

And I mean everything…. from the truly weird

paint samples…

These paint samples came with names but they are all different ages and have a lot of inner dialogue. Helena’s translation goes like this:

Me: “What are you doing now?”

Helena: “Sorting into pairs. Yippee and Narrow Sea are ooo ee (noises) ah there’s another pair. So you go and join those guys. It has a bit of a colour thing…. Mmm mm and Archie Orange are best of friends and Playing Field has come to join this group. In every single one there has to be a three group. Forever is my favourite and it’s gone with two of my favourites so this is my favourite group. Mmmm mm oh yep Sprit Guide’s got a bit of hives that’s going around (was wet!) Mmmm has the worst of it. Look at her, she’s all hives. She’s getting better, she’ll soon be alright. Mmm. This group takes care of her. One group takes care of a um little kid group, so the older kid groups each gets to take care of a little kid group. She doesn’t need to be taken care of anymore she’s getting better. There’s only two groups up there and three groups down here. You’ve got three, some get to take care of four, some get to take care of three… you’ve got three so they can take care of the rest. It’s sort of equal.” “Mum”. “See this, there’s only two groups, one that contains two, one contains three… someone will have to take care of four, someone will have to take three. It’s an obvious answer, to make it equal they have three so they’ve got to take care of four. There are two so they get to take care of one more than there are of them. So they’ve got to keep together, a nice stack. Mmm mm….. oh there’s even another one. Those are older kids, at least those are, this is too. These are older as well. Good. You’ve got to stick together. Being in groups means you’ve got to stick together. Except them. So they’ve all got a pile. Ambitious and Mind Blitz have taken to taking care of Mmmm, helping Insane. They are best friends. They are her best friends so they are helping her. These are the stacks of groups”.

Me: “What about Settler Brown?”

Helena: “Settler Brown, you’re a kid aren’t you. In you go”.

Me: “Maybe they are a loner and play by themselves?”

Helena: “No they can’t do that, that’s not allowed. Usually Forever is but that’s not allowed when it comes to groups, that’s why, whole point of doing it, so no one can be left out and not be played with. It’s part of your group then, it’s not like you’re going to want to. Settler Brown has gone with Narrow Sea and Yippee. They were in only a group of two, most have more than that so they are delighted they are not a twinny anymore. This is a big one”.

…… and on it goes!

These slightly less weird, but preparation heavy, egg people have been in our lives for a while now and can not be composted.

If Helena has a schema this is it, plot, relationships and how things are connected.

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