We aren’t doing nothing, honest..

This week, as most weeks, it is hard to tell when we are doing ‘Something’, something noteworthy… educational like. Helena has weird interests, it’s all about complicated characters in her head (some of her toys) their back stories, interests, relationships etc, she lives in her head….

Sometimes other stuff comes out….

Crayon sculptures: “I had to work hard”
A bird that had a funeral and was buried in her garden.
The garden…
yet more clay making
Evening swimming
A crab, I didn’t take a photo of the box of crabs she and friends collected
Reading a book older than me and finding it funny
Lots of playing with her rats… which is in part working out their characters and being their “mum”

I didn’t take photos of the letter she sent, the art galleries, kayaking, pottery class, her playing with her friends, our conversations … and you certainly can’t see inside her head.

Last week she made these cuties….

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