a Project.

I can’t always tell which of Helena’s project ideas are just her spewing ideas or something that she really wants to come to fruition so when she tells me a new idea I am guilty of: not fully listening, being agreeable but not helpful, being wrong when I run with a project that was just an idea passing through, I prioritise my projects…. mostly I’m just slow, I don’t get the essential item in a timely manner. I figure it’s me sorting the wheat from the chaff. I too have problems with my flow of ideas, in that on a good day they fall like rain and on other days there is a drought.

I couldn’t tell this project was important so I made hoops for her to jump through. I say hoops but it’s more like they were just lying on the ground than any actual jumping, ie she had to get everything ready her self and do her jobs before I made the flour and water glue. With projects there is also the gap between the idea and what is physically possible, or even achievable due to her skills, and the many compromises during a project. There is that line to walk of success enough to keep doing something, to keep trying, versus not getting close enough and totally giving up. Helena had an idea for an app and fairy doors (such an awesome idea) but it was well beyond our collective abilities so was shelved then there were the many incomplete projects she has thrown dramatically at something, or screwed it up in an unretrievable way in a rage and never to be attempted again. But this project has been perfect.

She’s got her “I’m the authority” tone of voice going with a touch of being ever so pleased with herself, she was even keen for me to sit outside with her while she made so I could bear witness to her pride.

This project was conceived to replace the island made out of paper that is in the bathroom, apparently our towels love islands so she is making them one (some justification for not taking the project seriously perhaps)… and the Sylvanians will get to go there on field trips. She did concede that these are all inanimate so she was really making it for herself. I have noticed there is a theme of the cartoon style of tropical islands in her drawings.

She did all this her self, all the scrunching of the paper, taping it down, the paper mache and the painting.

An Island

She is now making accessories out of Fimo, such as buckets and spades, balls. floaty rings etc. Her plan is to put real sand on the beach.

All the Sylvanians have $10 each and they are choosing what toys they want. The numbers are prices. This project has opened the way for more.

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