Helena’s interactorama


I made this interactorama under instruction from the client- Helena, who told me what she wanted some of which was less possible than other bits. I’m not sure how many of her ideas I took on board, I think there was a lot of her saying something with a picture in her head and me hearing a different picture. It kept getting grander and grander… Her idea was a natural playground for her Sylvanian babies, as compared to them playing outside?

I had a great time making it. It was interesting to watch the changing demands of the client as it developed, as my inadequate words showed what I meant and her words and grand ideas, became lessened. I wasn’t sure if she’d play with it but she did obsessively until the next new thing came along. Did she use it how I thought she would? Yes and no. It became the set for some animation movies we did.


The guys are all lining up to have a turn at being in a movie. So far we’ve done, Big brother Bunny goes for a walk, Mother Mouse takes Lilly to the swings, and Aunty Squirrel goes for a swim.

It mainly is just a backdrop to the same old Sylvanian story of children and their hobbie, concerns, etc….

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