Feeding babies

Our garden is in an autumnal mood… it’s damp (even boggy), there is moss, and very few flowers.

but we are kind of stuck in it, with the whole lockdown thing…

Helena likes to be outside, especially apparently in Autumn….

and is now wearing t-shirts and shorts after her summer of leggings and long sleeved tops.

It has been a few weeks now, the garden is small and there have been so many pies, biscuits, salads, cakes, drinks and such a lot of babies to feed that the garden is now developing scars, little bare bits, little divots in the ground, it is even more flowerless (I swear as soon as they show colour they are gone) and the moss has gone from the drive…

I will let her do this again tomorrow as this is what kids being in a natural environment doing what they see life being looks like. Hopefully we’ll be allowed out soon and can go leave our calling cards elsewhere, maybe if we don’t take the babies…. Spring will cure it I hope.

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