The “Don’t pop your bubble studio exhibition”

We had an exhibition of some of the stuff we’ve been doing in lockdown, mostly for a laugh (me) to eat biscuits (Helena) and to have a deadline to finish stuff. We have been spending days working at our outside art table in the sun but it was naturally becoming less compelling. Mostly we have been doing paper mache and a large joint picture. Helena enjoyed our joint project as “there are no rules” though she did clarify that the rules are what one sets oneself when working. She liked that we could add on to each other’s work. I liked that she was layering, pencil on top of dye, crayons, pastels, smelly felts etc. It has been hard for me to get her to add to pictures, she will whip up a picture and then it’s done…. Even talking to her about how artists walk away, then come back, change bits, and even watching me do this she was not even entertaining the idea of reworking/revisiting! But we did on this and it was soooo fun sitting in the sun doodling, chatting and listening to talking books. We have been looking at Hundertwasser whose work I love, especially his portraits.

Ms L Doodle

Of course everything had to have a title.

The toilet roll sculpture is called The Covid necklace.

We invited my father and provided drinks and biscuits and stood around using the word juxtaposes a bit… I thought it was so funny, I even wore a glittery jacket.

The main art Helena is doing independently at the moment are pastels in her sketch book. A lot of which are her favorite scene.

I have been told not to give her “advice” as it makes her feel she is doing it wrong. She always asks me if I like it. I asked her why she does this, and if she wanted me to lie. Unfortunatly she wants me to tell the truth and like her art……… grrrrr, and no advice.

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