It’s all poo

Helena had her friend here after not seeing him for months. Every thing is about poo, although we have had a discussion over what exactly constipation is it’s mostly just the words. It’s all poo this, fart, butts.. talk of pooing on heads and other things. Eg “once upon a time there was a poo, a poo, ha ha”. They are finding each other hilarious. Their names are swirly wee and swirly poo, I am apparently squishy poo. Sometimess it is hard to listen to such talk but today with the children in such gales of laughter the topic seems so irrelevant, harmless but I can make it somewhat relevant to what we have sort of been talking about, in a non lecture like way… I wanted them to wash their hands as we live with my Dad who is 86 and there is a scary virus going around. Poo is just the thing to get us started.

First we watched nanogirl explaining the Corona virus and then another clip she did on making soap and why/how soap works.

20200317_133946Here is one of Helena’s soft toys pooing… in this case pooing grated soap that we weighed prior to grating.

The soap we made has little plastic toys in it, and guess what! the kids are washing their hands and singing so that they wash for long enough. Helena worries a little about her grandfather and she can’t not hear the news due to National radio always being on. I hope this helps.


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