Free ranging

No grown ups are allowed past this arrow..


I haven’t been past the arrow. The kids found this “awesome fort” after they went down a track to the other campground all by themselves (at 8,8,7, and 4 years old) and then they walked back along the road by themselves. I had total trust they would be fine. Though later when I walked the track I found they did have to at one point choose which track. Helena said she said “sorry guys I’ve only been on this track once” then “I think you take the down one” fortuitously the correct path as the wrong one leads to the river. I did have concerns that they took so much stuff to the fort and whether they’d bring it all back, but as I haven’t been to the fort there may just be a spy magnifying glass or some such in there for the birds to find…..

We (the 3 adults of a more mature age) let this group of kids go.20200307_171252We were fine with them roaming, we did do occasional distance observations, and we were fine with the big ones looking after the littler ones. I’ve always told Helena that when someone cries the adults tend to interfere in the game so it’s best everyone is happy, particularly the little ones. We gave the children a chance to have a secret life, to show responsibility, to look after each other, and that we trusted them. They also spent time on the jetty, biked around, made a new friend and chose their own fun independent of us. I feel it’s important being independent and being trusted.

This was Helena’s third year of being a volunteer campground host, and this year we stayed for two weeks and once again we left having not done all we thought of doing and having done stuff we’d never have thought of! I don’t know if it was that this time I gave Helena, or she took, so much more independence, (I’d even go do things at the other campground leaving her doing her own stuff) or maybe it’s just she’s older but this time she was so confident. I came back from doing something to hear her giving directions how to get to the other campground to a complete stranger, an adult. She just informed me she also had to tell someone we couldn’t book them in till later and they had to go to the information centre. Totally correct. She also filled in forms, talking and asking punters questions and good on them for letting her be the one who knew. A couple of the adults asked her testing questions of the ‘how much change do I get’ kind and she could answer, who knew.

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