Some things don’t seem to get old…

Helena prepared this weeks ago. The first one was done years ago with animals and a whole scene in it. I remember freezing coloured water in balloons for playcentre even more years ago, the balloon ones all got smashed by being thrown within minutes of being presented. The ones at home never got thrown and always had things in them. When she made this one she made two and took one to playcentre for her and one of her friends to chip away at, they had a good time. Last year they were made with salt water which freezes so differently, I think we even tried sugar…

This time it was also about sliding it over the table – the lack of friction. She used the word friction and had a story going about dinosaurs. I wonder if she will know when she’s done? Maybe this was the last one?


Same with this toy from our old toy library which I just heard her explaining to someone why it’s so awesome. No one else ever got it out but she did so many times that it retired to our house which made her week.

Sometimes Helena wanders round saying “Why am I me?” “Why am I different?” I wonder if it’s things like these that make her think this. I’ve always been clear that all children are weird….

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