Du-kit by Helena

I made one box and liked it and then I made these smaller ones. I make the box first then sometimes I make the lid next and sometimes the decorations. For some of them the decoration was the lid, like the leaf one.

The containers I didn’t need to squish. All I did was draw 4 lines near the edge of the Du-kit piece so it looked like a square. Then I cut one of the sides off along one of the lines and then I scooped out the inside along the lines then I put the cut off side back on. For the lids I do squish the Du-kit to make it soft so I can model it easily.

There are; a snowman, a leaf, a bird, an Iris flower, a sun, a snail, a car, a monster and there was one that didn’t work and is now just a rainbow.

You have to cook them to make them solid.


My favourite is the snowman because he is so pretty and realistic.

(Photos by Helena)

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