This weeks little bits of random…

Why does she have to do this at night… (well apart from her mother and grandmothers being night owls) “I  JUST want to see if different countries have different weights of coins”.


Or this one… Possibly she’s just delaying bed time by wanting to learn to tell the time- worried I’m sending her to bed early?

Or this one, one night in bed while not sleeping- working out how many 2s in 40….

Though sometimes these moments do happen in the morning!


Looking for patterns, before breakfast..

Just mucking about with our new test tubes… after breakfast but before getting dressed.


Making stuff does happen at any time and anyplace. This one was made at playcentre during school hours. It’s a bird, it has a name and a habitat and everything.


Making a bag using a net – 3:04pm on a Sunday. I’ve done that at school before, there are even lesson plans on TKI. I’ll call it school then. Little bits, any place, any time add up to a rather big whole.

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