The princess problem…

20190531_190910So I read something online called How Disney Pincesses influence girls around the world. So I thought I’d check out Helena’s ideas. For some context, the only Disney Princess she knows, has seen on TV,  is Pocahontas (but according to Helena she isn’t a princess due to her Dad not being called a king). I guess she has heard the story of Cinderella (who becomes a princess), seen others in advertising, friends… she knows some stories with princesses in them. In the version of the Princess and the pea that I tell I mention (possibly rant as she doesn’t like me to tell this story any more) the classest attitude of the prince who gets rejected for this at the end in my version of the story.

I asked her to draw a princess. It’s the one above and just so you know those are not boots they are high heels with matching tights. The cross on the necklace is because she’s seen people with necklaces like that, she thinks it has something to do with God and putting people on crosses. The skin colour is because it’s the only skin colour she has… When I asked her if people with brown skin could be princesses “yeah, surely Muslim people with brown skin could have princesses”.

I asked her what qualities princesses have “I dunno”. A short while later “Mum what happens if the King and Queen think their child is to ugly to be a princess?” Hmm I’m guessing that means being attractive is one Helena.. we did discuss if that was possible, after all parents tend to think their darlings are the most beautiful. We did talk about how much work Queens might have to do looking after their countries. She doesn’t know the word unelected yet.

I asked her what a princess was. Despite knowing that we have a Queen as head of state “a princess is the daughter of a King”. We did clarify this in our discussion.

She did say “I dont take any notice of them, I don’t want to be one, don’t you dare become a Queen mum” and why didn’t she want to be one? well they are apparently “not allowed to go outside and get mucky, you have to be pretty, ick, and they don’t get to play with their mum”.

I told Helena why I was thinking about this and she wondered “why not boys?” Shouldn’t the article be about how Disney Princesses influence children.

My princess picture came all wrapped up then put in a box.


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