The advantages to being able to choose…


Today Helena was  being part of a factory…


Cutting the ends. We are making Sanitary pads for Days for Girls, making pads for people in period poverty. We’d been to another factory, Pics peanut butter factory, earlier in the morning.

We talked about how some people her age work… about women and girls having to stay home when they have their periods, sweat shops.. We of course get to choose to be working there, we went home to a warm comfortable home and a delicious dinner. Helena was wondering how people in sweatshops would get the time to go out and buy their food for dinner!

Other days we choose lighter things, there was the day that


she drove a steam train…


played in an art gallery…


discovered static electricity…


and went to do leaps on the beach…

Tomorrow we’ll do something, but the bar is set pretty high.

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