in the pursuit of science 2…


  • Books
  • Internet

Method: We are doing the KCC challenges and one is find a new bug. So we’ve been keeping our eyes open for interesting bugs and we found this one..


Next step: what is it? We look up in Explanatorium of Nature (awesome book) which we have out of the library and identity its parts. We know it’s an insect but it’s not in our many NZ insect books…

So we join the Bug Identification NZ Facebook group and it’s a mayfly – Helena uses the index and finds the mayflies in our book and it is like them, but yellow… it’s called Ameletopsis perscitus. The coolest thing was getting bug nerds all excited – in less than an hour 13 😮👍❤ and 7 comments and it was identified with a reference! and it made Helena think bugs are cooler.. thank-you people  we don’t know.

Practicing Observation
More nature study.

On the same trip to Pelorous Helena felt compulsed to observe and draw lichen and moss in detail.

Observation is science. Choice.

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