play, real life or just work?

Aren’t they all the same?


Last week she was waiting for a friend to arrive, due at 2pm and it’s 9am… long time right.

She’s at a loss so I chuck “busy work” at her, in this case a maths book with questions and pictures that she can write in. We sit at the table, she does her stuff I do mine, while being flappy ears of course.. I realise that she needs to realise that 12 + 6 = 10 + 2 + 6

Last night she can’t sleep again, I’ve always told her to count, skip count… I go to bed well over an hour after her and yet she sits bolt upright the moment I walk in, she’s very excited “Mummy mummy I’ve worked it all out…” then she proceeds to tell me an example something along the lines of 18 plus 14 is 10 plus 10, which is 20, 8 plus 4 which is 12, which is another 10 so 30 plus 2… see.. then she asked if we had a blackboard? I remind her that one whole wall of her Wendy house is a blackboard!

Next morning, straight after breakfast, she is dressed and packing.

And there is a mad scientist at work… she’s actually pretending to be an inventor in their studio…

The lines are a way of checking some of her addition, her basic fact recall still needs work to make her life easier.

At lunch time she proudly brings me a maths book she has made.


My assessment – I think she might find negative numbers interesting, and we need to work on the numerals 2 and 3.

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  1. Jay says:

    This is great! Love that maths is that fun for her, maybe I’d have done better with in situ learning and a studio of my own. It’s nice to imagine her half awake working through it all in bed. Funny how presleep loosens the mind in a way that let’s us get to the bottom of it.

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