a sick day (01.11.28)

Project one: armor

Dunno why

Project two: printing

Ok, so I started this one as we had to finish another project which she lost interest in quickly (been going on too long) but then there was ink to use up, choice. Helena scratched the ink off with sticks, fingers, paintbrush and a paper towel. She started with her geometric drawings/patterns and followed by little stylistic things… (this reminded us both of Gavin Bishop’s art, especially the myths and legends books -the texture).

I think she liked the clean up best.

Project three: explore/experiment

She got a present in the mail


Blow pens all the way from the UK. “What IS this” “I love it”. Even my father was excited- the Venturi effect…. talking about how they worked.


Project four: a sword

Totally all made by Helena… “mum the blow pens make it look like real blood”

It is now into the afternoon  and the next step is totally “LOOSE THE PLOT” – I said something that cast aspersions on her motives in doing something that was wrong with a capital W.

I tidy up.

I did know she was sick (if she went to school I’d have kept her home) but she’d seemed so busy and happy… now she is SICK – as in ill enough to remind me of our other hospital stays.

Two days later, still sick but now has a den, sword belt, “blood” on her face and legs and a den.


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