Thursday pm (30.08.18)


What I saw (in-between doing my own thing) was a kid in flow…. this was a sustained activity punctuated by excitedly telling me what she was doing. It all had to do with colour, food colouring.

The process started with the making of the colour in the palette – using words like complimentary, opposite. There is obvious mixing of colour and excellent control of the bottles. Then she painted on paper and brought them to show me – colour so pale that really you were looking at the shiny wet bits. So then there was trying to put the food colouring direct on the paper for a more intense colour.


Lots of blowing, splatting…

Then some spirals

Then, and this is a couple of hours later she cleaned it all up….. taking responsibility for her own mess she was also taking responsibility for her own activity and learning. Part the way through she got the camera so that she could write her own learning story.


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