experiments in doing what I said I’d do (27.8.18)

What I said I’d do after watching the kids watch Fantasia was set up painting stuff and play stirring classical music and see what happens…

20180827_114107Lovely set up and discussions on where to put which colour, accompanied by sound effects “little plip” meaning a small amount of a particular colour. Conversations about what you’d get mixing them then I press play… (actually it was a record, brought when that was music not for any ambiance or cool factor).

Well the small purple patch that is in the background at the top under the blue Ts and the dots is Helena swishing along to the music but then her fascination with dividing little bits, making pens and making dots took over. This took ages. Her only comment was “can you tell I did it?”. I need to talk less.


This is the finished work. Did the music add anything, I think not…. maybe something lighter next time. I figure I provide the opportunity, the set up and she will do what moves her. H has looked at Aboriginal art… and pointillism but cares not for their versions, she likes to DO it.

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