beach again (24.08.18)

such a hard life this ensuring we get regular exercise…. and eat well…


This is damper. Flour, water, salt and in this case I made it fancy and rubbed in butter and added yeast. You wrap it around a stick and hold it over a fire and when it’s done you pull it off the stick and fill the hole with butter. You are allowed to break off the burnt bits.

and you can put a stick into the fire then carry it around saying that it is steaming…


Then we had to do the mandatory art/science activity… it wasn’t mandatory except perhaps for me. All sorts of observations here – hands and feet to watch grow, change in state as the plaster of paris goes off, patience, fragility, that wonderful moment when you turn them over to see what you’ve made. And for Helena yet another moment to express her love of symmetry and think about division? or whatever mathematical obsession it is that makes her art have compartments, pockets, little bits.

Its called Six Spikes

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