risky play

The kids lit this fire.. they sorted themselves about keeping each other safe – the big ones decided they should light the fire, there was a discussion on the wind. There was some kind of close/ too close circle rule… They went and got sunglasses for the smoke, they also went and got the marshmallows from the dairy. Helena fetched the safety bucket of water (woohoo modeling from Everyone Out).

After the roasting came the playing with fire… lighting paper that kind of thing. The fire was not without incident.

Helena learnt that it is true that plastic clothes burn and stick to you and things that have smoke coming off them are still burning… I am delighted she has learnt this for herself. Fortunately she learnt this at home and it was only a wee burn. Unfortunately she learnt on her new velvet pants that I had finished making her the day before. Fortunately she has many and very particular ideas on how to mend the hole and it shall be a lovely reminder to take fire seriously.

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