the farm

Yesterday Helena told me that although one of the projects (making an island) a friend of hers did at school appealed to her there were aspects she was glad she didn’t have to do with a similar project she is working on…. a project started months and months ago!

One was that she got to do hers all by herself the way she wanted…

Another was that some of the associated tasks seemed silly – making your own currency. Having said that one of the reasons she wants to make her farm is to consider all the different expenses of running a farm over the course of a year and how much money she could make over the year!

And most importantly to me was her saying how good it was that she could do it at her own pace, that it isn’t a job – she can do a bit one day then nothing another or she could solely focus on it (like she has for the past few days). She already has the plan she will add to it, or change it as she gets older and her ideas change. She likes that she won’t get told off for not finishing it! I suspect she also likes the various distractions on the way too. It can “just be a nice thing” – she told me here she is quoting Brian Macamast from the boring podcast on pencils!! I am delighted she feels that everything is a work in progress… even though the idea of the mess reappearing again and again makes me feel tired.

I wrote the above months ago and she is once again having a farm binge.. getting up early to work on it.

I don’t understand the project but I totally understand the stop start nature of the project. I was discussing this with a friend who also does projects and in the same way as me – be obsessive about the new idea and compulsively work on it until you get to a hard bit or you have lost the same degree of interest and get side tracked by another project and stop. Then later on you pick it up and find the bit that you used to think was too hard, too much like hard work suddenly isn’t and you are back at it obsessively. I can’t help but think that this is normal… that taking a break is somehow essential!

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