Listening to my kid

Helena and her not quite 7 year old friend/neighbor are planning a lemonade stand.

I’ve heard cooperation, them building on each others ideas and I’m listening now to how they keep each other focused on the task at hand.

they are :

  • Planning signs, bunting – marketing, presentation
  • Making a list of what they need – Helena used the word brainstorm
  • Refining their recipe -maths, measuring and lots of fractions, they have exactly 100mlof juice
  • Lots of procedural ideas – we need to, then
  • Some big sky thinking of also selling sandwiches…..

Not an adult in sight (I’m hiding around the corner)… and they are even tidying up.

The trouble with really listening is that one has to follow through, I have to let them do this even if it fails. That is the thing about really listening it is an active thing, it requires actions…

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